Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Why Do We Laugh?

Why do we laugh? It is obvious that we like to laugh, it's a fact and we seem like we can't get enough of it. Every day we find ways to make ourselves and others laugh. We joke around with friends, watch funny videos and we even laugh at the sound of laughter itself, but why? Have you watched a Try Not to Laugh challenge with a friend? Usually, when someone laughs, the other immediately laugh as well. It's that contagious. But if we laugh so much, why can't we seem to fake it? Why can we fake a smile but we can't fake a laugh? It turns out that our brains are hardwired to recognize real laughs from fakes, just like how we can easily recognize human faces.

And it turns out, most of the time we laugh, there isn't really any humor involved. Laughing it's just a way for us to communicate and socialize. That's why it feels so good to laugh. Laughing is a way for us to show that we are having fun. And if we're having fun, we must be fun, right? That's why we don't really laugh alone. If we do it's usually involves a person. Have you heard of the phrase, "Laughter is the best medicine"? It's actually true. It boosts your immunity and it's good for the heart. You can even lose up to 50 calories a day from laughing. So next time you find something really funny, just let it all out, not only it feels good, it's good for you.

Monday, May 1, 2017

We Eat Social Media for Breakfast

In the essay "We Eat Social Media for Breakfast" by Dr. Preston, the main argument is about the use of pictures and how it had changed throughout the years. It went from recreating moments to creating impressions of people. The author showed that, as social media became dominant, the use of pictures had slowly strayed from its original purpose, with the use of informal diction and syntax, capturing its readers through using two compatible combination.

In the beginning of the essay, right away, the author uses an informal tone, using words like "wannabe," words in which teenagers might use. This use of diction fits the topic because the topic is related to those whom are in there teens and it is trying to appeal to them by using the same language. Since the targeted readers are teenagers, using this type of diction is very effective, as the argument actually reaches the readers.

The author also uses first-person pronouns. This gives a sense of  life to the essay. That behind all the writing, there is a person. This builds an intimate relationship with the reader, making them more regarding of the topic.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Can we just Watch the Movie?

Watching a movie adaptation after reading the book is never a good idea. You always get an expectation that the movie always fail to meet. After reading the book we always seem to criticize the movie. Either the movie skipped some parts or added completely new ones, we get upset. We are never satisfied. We need to learn to not compare the movie and the book. They are two different things. There are things that are in the book that are bound to be boring if it was implemented in the movie and there are some parts that can be enhanced in the book so naturally they will be different. We need to learn to both appreciate and enjoy the two so they can peacefully coexist. Unless the movie is really bad, then you can bash it all you want.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Great Gatsby Notes #9

- Nick couldn't get anyone to come to Gatsby's funeral

- Gatsby's dad came all the way from Minnesota

- Only a few people came to Gatsby's funeral

- Nick decided to move back to the Midwest

- Nick breaks off his relationship with Jordan

- Before Nick leaves, he saw Tom

- Tom and Daisy, knowing that their money will shield them, are careless and uncaring people

- The American Dream was dead

The Great Gatsby Notes #8

- Daisy was Gatsby's first love

- Daisy promised to wait for Gatsby but she settled in with Tom who had a good social status and approved by her parents.

- Nick became distracted at work and even refused to go on a date with Jordan.

- Tom told Wilson who owned the yellow car that had hit Myrtle.

- Wilson shoots Gatsby killing him instantly

- Wilson then kills himself

- Nick finds Gatsby floating in his pool, dead.

The Great Gatsby Notes #7

- Gatsby became preoccupied with Daisy and started calling off his parties, which was meant to lure Daisy.

- Gatsby fired all his staff to prevent gossip

- Nick went to Daisy's house for lunch along with Gatsby and Jordan.

- Gatsby was stunned when he saw Daisy's baby girl.

- Daisy seemed uninterested in her daughter and became bored suggesting Gatsby to go into the city with her

- Daisy and Gatsby couldn't hide their love for each other and Tom suspicion was confirmed.

- They all went to New York together

- They stopped at Wilson's garage for gas and they learned that he discovered that his wife's affair but not the identity of the man. He plans to move her to the West.

- Gatsby and Tom had an argument over Daisy

- Myrtle was hit by a car which was driven by Daisy

- It was also Nick's birthday

The Great Gatsby Notes #6

- Gatsby's real name is James Gatz, born in a farm in North Dakota.

- Dan Cody, a rich man and was Gatsby's best friend

- Gatsby was Dan Cody's personal assistant and made Gatsby fall in love with wealth.

- Dan Cody left Gatsby $25,000 when he died, but his wife prevented Gatsby from claiming it.

- Tom and Daisy went to one of Gatsby's party and claimed that he gained his wealth through "bootlegging"

- Tom became suspicious of what Daisy has been doing after her constant visit to Gatsby's Mansion,   but not yet discovered Daisy's affair

- Gatsby noticed that Daisy was unhappy with Tom.

- Gatsby wanted Daisy to leave Tom so she could be with him.